The Department of Psychology at Istanbul Sehir University offers undergraduate work leading to a BA in psychology. The broad curriculum reflects the breadth of topics and diversity of approaches within the field of psychology. Foundational courses encompass behavioral, cultural, developmental, biological, and social psychological perspectives. Beyond these core courses, more specialized course offerings (e.g. motivation and emotion, psycholinguistics, child psychopathology) allow students to pursue their specific interests in greater depth. All courses are structured in ways that promote active learning, and include components specifically designed to develop students' analytical abilities and critical thinking skills.

The curriculum is premised on the notion that an education in psychology is, to a large extent, about skill development. This begins with training in both statistics and research methods.  This training is largely hands-on—students conduct their own research projects, and analyze real psychological data using SPSS statistical software.  Students who are interested in acquiring further research experience have many opportunities to work with department faculty on a range of research projects.  For those students who wish to pursue applied careers (e.g. counseling, social work), internship opportunities with hospitals, schools, counseling centers, and psychiatric settings are available.
Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a wide range of employment settings including psychological treatment centers, hospitals, schools, human resources departments, and rehabilitation centers. Additionally, those students who wish to continue their education in psychology at the graduate level will be well-prepared to do so.​​​​​